Here at Greener Pastures Care our people are our greatest strength. We believe, we are only as good as our best assets. Our caregivers and employees are what make us great. Every Greener Pastures Care employee is selected because to them, providing compassion and care is more than just a job — it’s a way of being.

Our employees believe and embody our mission, philosophy and values. Our people demonstrate our mission in every action they take, which creates a greater level of synergy. It’s what makes Greener Pastures truly stand out from our competitors. Because every day, our employees and caregivers make a real difference by delivering on our pledge to our clients to provide,“A More Promising Situation”.


It is our mission to make sure our clients feel comfortable and live their best. A big part of what we do to deliver that comfort and peace of mind is in our process for recruiting, screening, onboarding and retaining our care professionals. From hiring and training to continuing education and beyond, we take great strides to ensure we have the best caregivers in the industry, ready to deliver care and support that is truly worthy of the clients we serve.


Caring for those who are ill or challenged with life’s changes is more than just business as usual. It’s a higher calling. At Greener Pastures Care providing in-home care is personal to us because we embed ourselves in our clients’ lives. We provide the highest quality of care to people when they are most vulnerable and need our assistance. We understand this and that’s why we the toughest hiring standards in the industry. Learn more about how we recognize employee excellence each and every year through our StarCare Awards Program.


Our Screening Policies

At Greener Pastures Care, we believe inproviding our clients with a solid level of comfort that we hire the best caregiver available. Each employee we provide must maintain the core values that our company upholds. Our corporation values embody compassion, integrity, excellence, trustworthiness, accountability, and diversity.

We know that finding a compassionate, and dedicated professional when you need one can be a difficult undertaking for individuals, families and healthcare providers. At Greener Pastures Care, we understand the challenges that you face. That’s why we are committed to rigorous recruitment and screening standards. We conduct the following screening processes and practices for every employee to ensure you are getting the utmost in quality, skill and professionalism every time:

  • In-depth interview to determine skills and experience
  • Criminal background check
  • License/certificate verification in accordance with Maryland state law and requirements
  • Monitoring their license status throughout employee tenure
  • Reference verification
  • State health screenings as required by law
  • No-cost Hepatitis B vaccination
  • Blood borne pathogens training as stated by OSHA guidelines
  • Hand washing Techniques
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) training
  • Current CPR certification
  • Drug Screening

Once screened and approved for hire, each Greener Pastures Care employee undergoes:

  • Competency verification by a Registered Nurse (RN)
  • RN supervisory visits for personal care and skilled service cases 30-60-day intervals depending on clients’ needs
  • In-office orientation prior to placement
  • Employee performance reviews within the first 90 days and then once per year after that
  • Greener Pastures Care employees are all provided continuing education.

Our recruiters seek out top talent in every market we serve. We then complete stringent screening, background checks and face-to-face interviews with each candidate to ensure their qualifications and competencies are in line with our clients’ needs.